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Juntos Leadership Team

Diana Urieta, MSW

Co-Developer of Juntos is the Senior Director and Extension Specialist of the Juntos Program at NC State University. A native of Colombia, Diana immigrated to High Point, North Carolina at the age of seven with her parents and brother. Diana received her BA in Sociology and Master of Social Work from NC State University. Her work with the Latino community started in her youth, when her dad would ask her to join him at the local medical clinic where she was an interpreter for families who attended the church her family attended and served. Diana has over 15 years of professional experience working with Latinx families in North Carolina. Her drive to see Latinx families have the resources needed to support their youth’s educational dreams comes from her own parents. The lack of knowing how the educational system worked here in the US never stopped Manuel and Ninfa Urieta from believing and inspiring Diana and her brother to follow their educational dreams, but the road would have been so much smoother if Juntos had been part of their lives.

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(919) 515-3854

Cintia Aguilar

Co-Founder of Juntos is a Program Manager at NC State University Cooperative Extension, Community and Rural Development. Cintia is originally from Costa Rica where she attended the University of Costa Rica, obtained a master’s degree in psychology and graduated with honors. She started working with Latino families in North Carolina in 1997 in Pitt County at the Outpatient Mental Health Center and later with Pitt County Schools. Her career with NC State Extension started in 2001 with a focus on programming across Extension’s core areas to engage with the Latino Community.  One of her principal responsibilities is leading and building NC Cooperative Extension’s organizational capacity to effectively engage with Latino audiences.

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(919) 513-0311

Nancy Marks

is the Financial Specialist of the Juntos program and oversees financial information, budget, expense processing, account reconciliation and all other financial aspects of the program. Nancy joined the Together program in 2016 and is an essential part of the team.

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NC Juntos Team

Katelyn Houser is the Juntos program coordinator for Catawba County. She currently oversees programming at St. Stephens High School.

Zorayah Kinson is the Juntos family liaison for Catawba County. Zorayah became a liaison with the Juntos program in 2016.

Jessica Aguilar is the Juntos program coordinator for Pender County. She currently oversees programming at Pender High School.

Edelmira Segovia, Ph.D. is the Juntos school liaison for Pender County. She currently oversees the success coaching at Pender High School. Edelmira joined the Juntos team in 2016.

Nataly Arriaga is a program assistant at NC State. She assists in survey administration, data evaluation, and translation.