Summer Academy 2017

Juntos Summer Academy is a place where youth are able to explore a future outlook and immerse themselves in an environment that nurtures growth. This week long experience at NC State University is where 140 Latino High School youth are able to experience new things and learn more about the world. The Summer Academy strives to help youth explore educational and career opportunities as well as identify their own interests and goals. During the Summer Academy, youth participate in hands-on activities that give them the opportunity to experiment, analyze and reflect on their identity and much more. In addition, youth will be able to explore ways in which they are able to positively create change in their communities and the world around them. All of this is done while experiencing college life and creating a new experience to be cherished.

Juntos Summer Academy is held annually and with the new year, another Academy is just around the corner!

This year, 2017, Summer Academy will be held June 12 – June 16.