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Fundraising activities for the North Carolina Juntos program operate under the auspices of the NC State University Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax id 56-6049503.

Checks for gifts should be made payable to the Juntos Program/NCSU with “donation to Juntos Enhancement Fund” in the memo.

You will receive an official receipt for your donation.

Academic Success

The dropout rate for Latino students in North Carolina is 19% and we want to reduce this number. The Juntos program has been making great progress with our students. Students participating in the program have increased motivation to finish high school and pursue higher education. We also provide many resources for the students in order to help them apply to college and for scholarships and financial aid. Our mentors are also a vital part of the Juntos Program. The mentors are great for answering questions about application essays or steps in the financial aid process as they have experienced similar things.

STEM Initiative

STEM fields are becoming more and more popular in the workforce and we want Juntos students to gain experience in those fields. Students are exposed to engineering tactics in their 4-H clubs, such as bridge-building activities. and earthquake engineering activities.  

Summer Academy

Summer Academy is a week-long program at NC State University where students get to experience college life. Students are exposed to college-level courses and learn how to apply to college. They also learn tips and tricks on doing well and staying motivated in college. Summer Academy is a great way for students to envision themselves going to college.

Change A Student’s Life

When you donate to Juntos, you are not only giving money but giving a student an opportunity to succeed in high school and beyond.

  •  With $30 of your donation, we can provide a STEM kit for one of the Juntos youth. This kit allows youth to get more involved with computer science and teaches them how to code.
  • With $75 of your donation, we can provide healthy snacks for one student for an entire year of  4-H club meetings. 4-H clubs are big on providing youth with a base on which they can build a habit of healthy living and long-term health.
  • With $150 of your donation, we can help provide field trip transportation for our Juntos youth. In order for our youth to experience the outside world, we provide them with opportunities to take the learning experience out of the usual high school setting. Some examples of the field trips they take are: college visits, community service trips, and recreational activities.
  • With $600 of your donation, we can send one of the Juntos youth to Summer Academy, a week-long college experience provided to rising 9th-12th graders. This program comes at no cost for the participant, but Juntos is responsible for picking up the cost of all the materials that the Juntos youth will need during said experience.

Thank you for supporting a good cause!