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Juntos National Movement

Since its beginning in 2007, the Juntos Program has evolved in programming and grown its reach beyond NC. As of 2021, the Juntos Program is in 15 states across the United States. In each state, the Juntos Program is supported by partners including National 4-H, USDA, land-grant universities, and Cooperative Extension networks to promote the growth and sustainability of the program.

Timeline of National Growth


Family Engagement

Juntos began conducting organic and small-scale workshops for students and families in North Carolina.


4-H Clubs & Summer Academy

Small grants (Department of Public Instruction/National 4-H Council) allowed Juntos NC to establish 4-H clubs and Summer Academy as program components.



Oregon State University implemented Juntos as a primary program to engage Latinx families.


Success Coaching & Mentoring

The final element of Juntos was established: Success Coaching and Mentoring. USDA-CYFAR Project.


New York & Texas

Juntos 4-H started in New York City and San Antonio, TX with support from National 4-H Council & NYL

2016 – 2017

Florida, Illinois, & California

National 4-H NYL Supported Expansion


Idaho & NC

A USDA CYFAR grant provided the funds for a Juntos Program to be started in Idaho.


Juntos Moves to DASA

Provost support moves program to DASA.


Washington, Nevada, Indiana, & Wisconsin

Juntos 4-H started in Washington, Indiana with USDA-CYFAR. Nevada with state 4-H office support.



Colorado & Missouri

Missouri USDA CYFAR grant. Colorado supporting by their 4-H state leadership.


Michigan, Arizona, & Kentucky

Michigan, Arizona, & Kentucky were trained in 2022. Support from 4-H state leadership.


Juntos National Convening

154 participants – 65 youth, 13 states meet in person.

Map of National Juntos

California, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Missouri, Wisconsin, Indiana, North Carolina, Washington, Colorado, Kentucky, Texas, Illinois, Florida, and Arizona.
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